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Fazel Law, led by Ali Fazel, is dedicated to smart, aggressive and strategic advocacy.  Practice areas include all criminal offences including drug offences, sexual offences, driving offences, violent offences and white collar crime.

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Federal and State
For more than 18 years, Ali Fazel has represented hundreds of people in state and federal court at trial and on appeal. He has made it his life’s work to fight along side of the accused and ensure their rights are defended.
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Federal and State Criminal Defense





Being accused of a crime is frightening.  You have rights, and you need to know what they are and how to assert them. Don’t wait until those rights are stripped away to hire an attorney. Call someone who knows the law and who knows the system.  

For almost two decades, Ali Fazel has worked diligently to build a firm where clients come first, phone calls are returned the same day, a solid understanding of the law is paramount and justice is taken seriously.  

Ali is hands-on, methodical and dedicated. He manages a busy practice with a vigorous approach. His quick ability to assess and manage large cases and devise a trial strategy has earned him a reputation as a hard-worker and a smart attorney. His innate ability to work through difficult concepts with clients, experts and his team to see that all defensive theories are explored fully and prepared for presentation to a jury has attained him an impressive roster of state and federal cases.  Read more…

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